• Brooke Bachman

You Need To Look Backwards To Go Forward

Updated: Mar 9

I am sitting here at 6:00PM on Veterans day. I woke up at 4:30am and have been coding for the past 9 hours.

I have gotten 6 labs/mini projects done, and my goal for tonight is 15.

It can be so easy to beat ourselves down mentally. To keep track of all of our mess ups or thwarted intentions.

But I have to really think back to when I started coding.

In July, I would cry and get really upset and frustrated, the moment I encountered something that I did not understand.

I was not able to write methods or code without my partner Jinoo's help.

I was afraid to do any learning on my own, only willing to learn if he was nearby.

Right now he is in Ukraine, probably one of the farthest places from me on the planet, and I am learning new concepts.

It makes me feel proud that it is extremely rare for me to cry or get upset while coding.

When it used to be every.single.time.

My therapist worried about my mental health while learning to code.

My mental fortitude is getting stronger.

The more challenges I come up against, the more resilient I become.

I didn't know myself as someone who could learn things that people perceived as difficult, until the past 3 years.

I have to look back on this journey with gratitude for what I can do with coding today-I was unable to do even a month ago.

And in a month I will look back at this time, and feel proud of how I kept at it, and how I am good at something that I previously didn't understand.

Appreciate where you're at today, look back on the past day, week, month, year with gratitude.