• Brooke Bachman

What are the qualities of a great product manager?

Product Managers are the liaisons between engineers, investors, sales people, designers and customers, therefore they need to communicate, empathize, persuade and adapt to deliver their products.

Product management also includes managing people. A good product manager is empathetic. It is critical to see decisions through the eyes of all the people on your different teams. Empathy can be used to move people to action.

As a PM, your role is to discover what changes need to happen to your product. Once you know what those are you have to execute them, but not by yourself, with all of the teams you work with.

Trust is integral to good product management. You need to trust your team to do the work that you ask of them using their skills and expertise. You have to trust that your team may be more knowledgable about an aspect of the product than you. If your team makes a suggestion to you, take into account that you are a master of your role, as are they in theirs.

Adaptability and Malleability. Feedback is important, it is important to listen to feedback, and grow from it. You cannot be stagnant in your beliefs, unwilling to change. As your company grows, product changes or even just your team-you need to change with it not against it.

Nothing is worse than a PM who cannot listen to feedback, not to mention PMs need to have good relationships with members across many teams. People who feel like you have listened to them will be more willing to work with you in the future when you need them, and you will.

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