• Brooke Bachman

Trust The Process

Sales is a curious profession. There are many assumptions about Sales people-mostly negative.

I've worked retail Sales at Nordstrom in Men's Furnishings, where it is commission based. Sometimes I would measure a man for a suit or dress shirt, and spend 30 minutes running around grabbing different sizes. I would come back to my customer to find them talking to a different Sales person and loss the Sale.

To be a good Sales person is to have grit, empathy and acceptance.

I now have more empathy and respect for Sales people than ever before.

At my work I'm sometimes a therapist, consultant or an enemy.

My goal everyday is to make 70 phone calls and have 7 people apply for our line of credit with me.

Some days it's fun and easy to get to know people, their stories, their passions and often a very personal aspect of their lives-their businesses.

I will celebrate with customers when they have a hurting business and need funds just to keep their heads above water-and get approved.

However, I did not realize the ways people treat Sales people. Sales people are extremely under valued.

I went straight from college to a Sales role.

To me-I thought I hit the jackpot, wow I was hired 2 months after college, the hard part is over, I got my first corporate job.

I. Was. Wrong.

Now even with a year of Sales experience, a UX course and some travel, my worth in the corporate world has not changed.

I will not give up, I won't take the easy jobs that want me.

I will apply, interview and wait for the right job, this time around.