• Brooke Bachman

The Journey Of A Thousand Miles Begins With A Single Step

When I was younger I, along with my parents believed in the "Fixed Mindset."

That each person is born with skills and personality traits that are largely unalterable.

I went to a Catholic school where each grade had only 36 students.

My class was filled with children who seemed naturally gifted.

I was not that kid.

I often had trouble focussing, and paying attention which I later realized was because I am mostly an audible learner, and the typical teaching style was to do a lot of reading.

I have a sister who was 4 grades older than me.

I am not sure if my parents lost motivation when it came to raising me or what, but they encouraged my sister to well and always regarded her as smart.

She excelled in school and she was confident about her learning abilities.

This reflected in her getting into a very competitive college and studying business, whereas I went to a school that was easy to get into, chose a major that would be easy for me-Communication Studies.

The main skill I had developed was communication and public speaking.

It was not until I took a 3 day self-development course called the Landmark Forum that my beliefs in myself changed.

In the course you spend 3 days listening to people share about their lives while receiving coaching from the leader and other participants.

In the course I discovered how I lived my life truly believing I was not gifted, I was not intelligent, and not a good learner.

In the course you start to unravel long held beliefs about yourself and others that you were previously blind to.

Walking out of the course I realized I could become gifted and smart, all that I needed to do was believe that and once I did I took new actions.

I got a 3.45 cumulative GPA in college. I was really close to Cum Laude.

This would never have been possible for me without that course.

This has led me to leave my career in Sales to pursue Web Development and Coding.

I am writing this for anyone who chose an "easy" path because they were not initially good at Math and Science.

This is for you.

Anything is possible, just because you're on that path doesn't mean that you are stuck, you can always change your mindset and take new actions.