Hello my name is Brooke Bachman I am a full stack web developer who is ready to make a big impact at a company. If you are hiring, email me : brooke.l.bachman@gmail.com

My Applications

For a job interview I had to integrate Cube.js with a database

Opal Birth | Final Project | React and Ruby on Rails

A platform for parents to find doulas and birth centers in their area to easily plan their birth experience.  

Technologies used: GoogleMapsPlaces API, HTML Geolocation, GoogleMapsReact, Bootstrap, Zeplin, Sketch, and Figma for the designs

Corona Files | Group Project | React and Ruby on Rails

A tool for people to view articles about COVID-19 filtered by their location, and allow users to vote on their validity.

Technologies used: Google Maps Autocomplete API, Google Maps Geolocation API

Cookie's Closet | Javascript |       Ruby on Rails

A virtual closet where users can add clothes to their closet, delete clothing items, and create custom outfits. 

Technologies used:  ActiveRecord Models & Relationships, Created an API with seed data, Custom CSS